Earlier this year, the team here at Green Running team came together to review our presence on the web. We collated feedback and information from web analytic’s, our stakeholders, our Energy Consultants and most importantly, our customers, and worked closely to develop a new website which met the needs of the company and our clients.

We have given our website a fresh and modern look ensuring that it is fully optimised with mobile and tablet devices to give our website visitors the best experience possible, whatever device they are using.

The features and specifications of our range of energy monitoring products have been made clearer allowing visitors to make comparisons to find which product best suits their energy needs. We have provided technical information on each product for Energy Engineers but also made the information clear and understandable, so you don’t have to have an Engineering background to understand the full scope of our energy monitoring products.

Each product page contains a list of helpful downloads providing a full breakdown of each product, for you to take away or share with your team.

Our Power Performance MOT, launched earlier this year at the Sustainability Live exhibition has been made more prominent on our website and displays clear features and benefits of the MOT to help you recognise the business benefits of this fantastic service.

We have included a Jargon Buster and an FAQ for the website as suggested by our clients to give our website users a better understanding of the language used throughout the site and within the energy industry.

We have integrated each of our social media channels into our new website and created a new RSS feed so you can quickly follow us and see our latest news on which ever channel suits you best.

Peter Davies, Chief Technology Officer at Green Running said

“We regularly test our energy monitoring products in the market to collate feedback from users and ensure that we continually develop them so that the user gets the best experience when using them. We apply this thinking across our whole business so when we asked for feedback on our web services, it was important to us that we collated all feedback and created something in line with what our users expected from us.

We now have a website is very easy to navigate, contains clearer information, is mobile and tablet friendly and has several new features designed to give our website visitors the best user experience possible. We will continue to work with our website users and build on the sites current success.”