An award winning Bath-based SME has developed a new technology which uses Artificial Intelligence to learn how we use electrical appliances in our home and business, giving us the cost of powering each of our devices, the truth behind our energy bills and the ability to lower our carbon footprint.

Green Running was founded in 2009, developing a range of energy monitoring products that use high speed data sampling technology to track energy usage and collect the data. This technology led to the discovery of a unique ‘energy signature’ found in every electrical appliance, and Green Running were able to develop a system that recognises these signatures through self learning Artificial Intelligent Algorithms.

Several years were then spent developing the Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM) technology which disaggregates the total energy consumption of a building into single energy readings from each device. This allows users to see how much power a single appliance has used over a set period of time.

Using this technology, Green Running have developed a product known as the eGenius™ will allow users to login via Smartphone, Tablet or PC and see which electrical appliances are using power in real-time whilst generating daily reports based on their usage. The report will show how much electricity each device is using, and the cost associated with their use. The user can then identify where energy might be wasted, see how energy efficient their devices are and understand how their energy bill is calculated.

Green Running have also been using this technology at the Distributed Network Operator (DNO) level, working with Scottish Power Energy Networks and Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution to distinguish machinery being used at Substations. The aim is to provide information on usage and load patterns of the substation to help DNO’s further understand how energy is used on the grid. Green Running were finalists in the Energy Innovation Awards for the Best Smart Grid Innovation in April last year for the development of their NILM technology.

The Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) also showed their support for Green Running’s technology, and said “The DECC endorses this study which will demonstrate the use of disaggregation software in identifying the use of electrical appliances in the home. The study builds on DECC’s existing “Household Electricity Survey” and will also provide useful information for DNO’s.”

The eGenius™ is still in development at the moment and is planned for a release during 2016.

Green Running are inviting those interested in the technology to sign up to their Beta Program below to receive updates about the technology.